Monday, February 25, 2008

A Poem

Here's a poem I wrote about six years ago about two friends of mine. I still think it is funny.

Romantic Interlude during a Hike and its Aftermath

The sickly boy and red-haired lass
Were resting ‘neath a tree’s dark shade
Beside a steep and winding path
That twisted upward to a glade.

“Fair lass,” said he that felt so ill,
“Methinks I’d like to kiss thee here
Beneath this tree that guards this hill—
‘twould make me smile ear to ear!”

“Oh silly boy,” the redhead cooed,
“I’d fain thy lusty heart inspire
With kisses as when thou first wooed
Me ere thy sickness stole thy fire…”

“But what?” asked he. “Oh, what can be?
Oh! Dost thou need a change of cast—
Or maybe just a break from me?
Please say, and I will take thy shaft!”

“My silly boy,” the redhead hummed,
“I’ll love thee till the day I die—
And swift that day will surely come
If osculation we now try.”

“Suits me my lusty, lovely miss,”
Declared the standing, sickly boy,
“I’ll risk thy death, for sure thy kiss
Will cure me—not thy life destroy.”

“Okay,” said she with scarlet hair,
“I’ll press my lips against thy two—
Although they seem a pallid pair.”
And so she did and got the flu.


  1. That's great Scott, I still have the peoms you wrote about me while sitting in devotional those many many years ago. Good times!

  2. Not too're a lyrical poet - incase you didn't know it. Word.

  3. So - do I know the people you are writing about?

  4. I'm just happy that one of your poems isn't attacking me in it! Pretty entertaining, though!